Professional Version vs Open Source Version
Professional Version contains all features from the Open Source Version plus these additional features.
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Feature Open Source Professional Note
Basic Security Protection Basic security protection at the page level.
Advanced Security Protection SSL/HTTPS login support. Advanced site level 360-degree protection to filter out all unauthorized access.
Custom Time Periods A site administrator can create custom time periods such as class periods, weeks, months, semesters etc. for editors to set their unit's start date and end date. Open source version supports calendar dates only. The calendar mapping search also supports the custom time periods as search parameters.
High Performance Professional version is up to 50% faster than the open source version.
Unit Calendar Professional version supports custom time periods in the calendar bar chart.
Comprehensive Learning Target Management The professional version allows benchmarks to be used as learning targets and supports course level and department level learning targets. During unit editing, the required learning targets for the course that a unit belongs to, are automatically shown to the editor, and learning targets that are already addressed from other units in the same course are automatically hidden unless the editor selects the option to show all learning targets. This ensures the editors are always informed with what learning targets need to be addressed from their units, this is done in a very efficient way and it becomes part of the unit editing process.
Cross-department Essential Question Linking Essential questions from other departments can be linked to units in a course when using the learning target linking feature.
Preview Units as Guest All published units and editing units can be previewed using credentials as a guest user. This allows editors to avoid showing private curriculum resources such as an uploaded quiz to guest users such as a student.
Single Zip File Download Download all uploaded files from a unit in one single zip file.
Inline Microsoft Word Document Support Display one or multiple uploaded Microsoft Word documents as PDF directly on a unit page by automatically converting the Word document(s) to PDF format. The original uploaded Word documents are retained for download purpose. This helps schools to save time and effort by reusing their existing curriculum materials done in Microsoft Word format.
Inline PDF Support Display one or multiple uploaded PDF files on a unit page.
Inline Image Support Display any uploaded image file on a unit page. This can be pictures, pie charts etc.
Inline HTML File Support Display any uploaded HTML file on a unit page.
External Web Link Support This allows an editor to show any internet or intranet resource directly on a unit page. The common resources are Youtube videos, Scribe documents etc. This can help make a school's curriculum very attractive to parents and students.
Collapsible Stages All stages on a unit page can be collapsed or expanded.
Unit History Comparison TODCM saves all unit revision history and history comparison of multimedia files and internet web contents are supported in the professional version.
Hosted by hosting service is offered with the professional version, but the open source version can be hosted by request.
Hosted by Customer's Server The Professional Version is available for customers to host with their own server. This can be a cost effective option for large school districts or organizations with large number of users.