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What is TODCM?

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More About TODCM

TODCM (pronounced: tod-kum) does not dictate how curriculum mapping should be done. TODCM is a software framework that helps schools and organizations to implement a curriculum mapping tool according to their own specific requirements. TODCM is not limited to UbD, PYP and MYP, it can support any unit page format due to its flexible template driven unit pages. Any K12 school, university, education related NGO, education related government agency, or company with a large number of training programs can benefit from using TODCM.
Open source does not mean less sophisticated or less features. TODCM has features that most commercial offerings lack such as real-time PDF generation, unit history comparison, teacher evaluation etc. TODCM's internal software design is enterprise class level with design elements such as token based template security, database prefetching performance enhancements, fully encapsulated template engine and many more...
The standard open source package includes a sample unit page. This is provided to illustrate the features of TODCM and most schools and organizations would find it useful for basic curriculum mapping. Customization is highly recommended to create a TODCM web interface best fit your particular environment.
The current version of TODCM is very stable and it is considered as a production grade software package. It has been deployed at multiple schools and one educational NGO in 4 different countries across 3 Continents before TODCM became open source. The first production deployment took place 8 years ago and TODCM has been enhanced and modified throughout the years to become the current stable version.
Supported browsers are recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.