I wish the text editors and text boxes generate html text

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I wish the text editors and text boxes generate html text

Postby rcantada » September 10th, 2012, 7:40 am

Hi TODCM devs,

I am currently evaluating this great opensource software and I've noticed that the text boxes e.g. course description editing page generate raw text without layout. I have to add br html codes to create newlines.

And the html editor in the course resources of the course description page produces text wrapped in html pre codes. Such that the text is stretched across the page breaking the layout. I had to add newlines with the "enter" key like a typewriter.

I wonder if this has something to do with browser or is this hardcoded? I'm using firefox/chromium browser and my todcm server is linux amd 64.

I think this will be annoying to non-techie teachers if the html editor will not produce text that will wrap in the browser or one that does not have line breaks for text boxes. Unfortunately I cannot offer a patch because I'm a not a programmer.

Yours truly,

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Re: I wish the text editors and text boxes generate html tex

Postby David Tong » September 10th, 2012, 7:59 am

TODCM supports rich text (HTML, Word etc.) in all the popup text input boxes but this is turned off by default. To enable this:

1. Go to the admin page by clicking on the "Admin" button located at the top.
2. Click on the "Config" button under System Management.
3. Go to the General System Configuration section.
4. The option "Always paste plain text" is located at the end of this section.
5. Set its value to "No".

Now, you will be able to paste HTML into all the popup text boxes thru out the site. The down side is it can affect TODCM pages where it would stretch a page or make the font size really big or small, this is not something we have control over. The plain text option over comes this problem but the text looks boring. Either way, you will have teachers complaining...

Also, the popup text editor has the option to allow you to input HTML directly, it is the button titled "HTML" located at the far right of the second row buttons. This works regardless of the ""Always paste plain text" setting.

Hope this helps.
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