TODCM 1.2.2 Release Notes




This release consists a number of bug fixes and enhancements. Release 1.2.1 is an internal release and it is not available to the public; this means release 1.2.2 is the proper upgrade for sites running release 1.2.0.


Database Changes


Changed data type for column user_data in table ci_sessions, new type is mediumblob.


Enhancements and New Features


Issue 489 (Pro Version) - Added site ID in order for some new source files to work.


Issue 492 - Added support for email login.


Issue 495 - Made TinyMCE pasting use plain text by default. Added option to toggle between rich text and plain text paste in the admin config page.


Issue 500 - Added better logo image override mechanism.


Issue 501 - Optimize all language files.


Issue 503 - Added popup link for each unit on the course summary page.


Issue 509 - Assigned unit calendar window size to a predefined size.


Issue 510 - Optimize all file download related code.


Issue 511 (Pro Version) - Optimize template cache subsystem.


Issue 513 - Auto hide left menu when showing site resources page.


Issue 514 - Disallow assigning guest users to a course.


Issue 516 - Use Jscript window.scrollTo() properly.


Issue 518 - Optimize CI core classes. Much of the CI code base could be enhanced to run 20-30% fasterů


Issue 519 (Pro Version) - Added unit node DB caching to the menu tree.


Issue 520 - Optimized login session object handling.


Issue 521 - Optimized template title module.


Issue 526 - CI session table column data type for user_data is too small.


Issue 537 (Pro Version) - Hide benchmarks under the LT column if actual learning targets exist. Pro version allows benchmarks to be used as learning targets.


Issue 542 - Provide option to hide the LT link from the menu tree.


Issue 543 - Sort units in the menu tree by title in addition to sorting by unit start date.


Bug Fixes


Issue 462 - Javascript for learning target popup window on a unit page did not handle the window width properly.


Issue 486 - Missing department level learning targets.


Issue 488 - Fixed misaligned buttons on unit page.


Issue 491 (Pro Version) - Fixed duplicates of user selected benchmarks/learning-targets.


Issue 493 - Unit calendar did not show quotes in unit titles.


Issue 494 - User reported editor names were shown incorrectly on a unit page. Couldn't reproduce this bug but enhanced related code to ensure this won't happen under any conditions in the future.


Issue 496 - "List by Departments" menu button should be "List by Categories" when the menu tree is using Categories instead of departments.


Issue 498 - MYP mapping search was ignoring MYP grade levels. This custom feature is for IB schools only.


Issue 499 - Under certain conditions the search result for the mapping text search can return corrupted data.


Issue 508 - Course summary page shows errors for new courses.


Issue 512 - Fixed a data conflict (OBJ&SSK) for MYP related custom code.


Issue 515 - Work around for a PHP static variable couldn't handle object by reference.


Issue 531 - Outcomes and skills mapping search not working properly.


Issue 532 - Reset button for calendar search not working properly.


Issue 534 (Pro Version) - A unit title with a dot would disable the zip download feature.


Issue 535 - Survey results fails when there is too much data.


Issue 536 - Assessment search fails under certain conditions.


Issue 540 - Disabled standards are being shown from the benchmark management page.


Issue 541 - Long unit titles on the unit calendar were not displayed properly.