Learning Targets

Learning targets are unique to each course. Editors assigned to a course are responsible to create the learning targets. One or more learning targets can be created for each benchmark. Benchmarks are department based and the administrator(s) are responsible to populate the strands, standards and benchmarks before learning targets can be entered by the editors.

The following sample Learning Targets page suggests no benchmarks are defined yet:

You should ask your administrator to populate the benchmarks for the department your course belongs to.

The following is a sample Learning Targets page with populated benchmarks:

Link learning targets from other courses. All courses in the system including ones from different departments can be selected.

Add or edit learning targets for a specific benchmark.

Delete one learning target.

Change the order of the learning targets.

Linking Learning Targets From Other Courses

Select one or more courses, click on the green right arrow button and then click on the "Save" button. To select multiple courses, press down the Ctrl or Shift key and click on the course(s) with your mouse. For Mac users, use the Cmd key instead of the Ctrl or Shift key.

The following illustrates accessing learning targets from multiple departments on the unit page. This is the button that brings up the LT selection page from the unit page:

This is the LT selection page:

Notice the two departments. For linked Learning Targets, they are grouped by the departments. All these learning targets can be used for all the units belonging to the current course. Also, the course names are listed for learning targets that are linked in from other courses.

The shared unit feature can also link learning targets from the courses a shared unit is shared to and shared from. For a course with shared unit(s), the layout of linked learning targets from different departments is the same as the sample image above.