Course Description

Each course contains a course description page. Accessing the course description page is done through the left menu tree:

If a course description page has not been initialized and you are the course editor for the course then the following page is displayed when you click on the "Course Description" link from the menu tree:

The course description for each new course needs to be initialized. To initialize a course description, you need to select one or more "Display Grade Level" selections and then click on the "Add button. The Prerequisites and Course Description are optional and they can be filled out in a later time.

The Display Grade Levels are used for displaying the course in the "List by Grades" menu tree.

The Course Resources becomes editable only after the initialization is complete. This will be shown if clicking on a course description where the description is already initialized:

Click on this button to edit the course description page.

Hide the course from other users. A hidden course would have a gray color course title in the left menu tree. The course editor(s) and read-only teacher(s) assigned to the course can still see the course from the menu tree even if it is hidden. All users not assigned to the course would not be able to see the hidden course(s) in the menu tree.

Use this button to make a hidden course to available to all users again.

The following is a course description page in editing mode:

Click this button to save modified Display Grade Levels, Prerequisites or Course Description. The course resources are automatically saved on every change therefore using the save button is not necessary.

Too add a new course resource.

Edit an existing course resource.

Delete an existing course resource.

Sort the course resources.

The following a sample resource edit page: