Adding A New Unit

It is suggested to read the "Unit Basics" document before continuing with this document.

To add a new unit, expand the left menu tree and navigate to the course where the new unit will be created. This can be the "My Courses" tree or the "Browse All Courses" tree. Click on the "Add Unit" link:

The right panel will change to the following:

Please fill in the title, description and the dates. Click on the "Save" button and you would see the following page appear in the right panel and you can start to edit the newly created unit:

All edits from stage one to the last stage "Unit Reflections" are saved automatically therefore the "Save" button on the page above does not apply to all stages. Some of the edit pop-ups from the stages may contain a required "Save" or "Done" button to save your edits.

Adding A Shared Unit

Select the "Shared Unit" instead of the default "Normal Unit". A new button "Add Courses" would appear:

Click on the "Add Courses" button and a new window would appear:

Select one or more courses and then click on the "Save" button. Each of the selected course(s) will contain child units and the parent unit is the unit being created. Follow the same instructions as the normal unit and finish creating the shared unit.

At this point the child units are still not populated into the selected courses from above. They need to be distributed to the courses from the parent unit. This is done by clicking the "Distribute" button on the unit page (please see image below). This would distribute the parent unit as editing unit into the selected courses. The course editors from the selected courses need to publish the shared child units. The child units are always linked with the parent unit therefore any update to the published parent unit would be automatically be updated to the child units.