User Management

To add a new user.

To disable an user. If a teacher no longer teaches at the school then his/her user account should be disabled.

To edit an user.

Sorts a column and shows the direction of the current sorting order. All columns are sortable.

Assigned Courses

Course(s) assigned to a teacher. The blue color means the teacher is an editor for the course and black color means the teacher has read-only access (including editing units) for the course. Normal users not assigned to a course can't read the course's editing units.


Currently, this can be either admin or teacher. Admin has full edit and read access to everything on the site so make sure you assign properly.

Last Failed Login

If you see many failed logins or some users always have recent failed logins then this most likely means unauthorized person(s) were trying to break into your site. TODCM has account lockout feature to prevent password cracking and also prevents small scale DoS attacks.


Login authentication type. Local is the local database and ldap is using your LDAP/Active-directory server to perform the authentication. You will have to set up the LDAP server configuration in the admin config section before your LDAP users can login to the site.


The username for the user to login. This has to be unique across all usernames in the site.


This is only required for local authentication.

Display Name

This will be the name displayed instead of first name and last name.


Email address for the particular user.

User Access Level

This is either teacher or admin. It is suggested not to have too many admin user accounts to keep the system clean and easier to manage. We are planning to make more user access levels available in the near future.


The authentication method for this user. This is either local or ldap. For LDAP authentication, you will need to set the LDAP server configurations in the config LDAP section. The authentication can be extended by adding a new customized PHP plug-in to the internal TODCM authentication plug-in sub-system.

Teacher Number, Job Title, Department

These are optional information and the TODCM application is not using these fields yet. But, it is suggested to enter them for your own records. It is possible we would add new features to utilize these fields in later TODCM releases.

Login As Function

You can login as any user on the site. This allows an admin user to become another user without his/her password. So, you can examine issues or help users to fix their issues using their own accounts. The following window is the user account edit page:

To switch back to the administrator account, click on your account name located at the left top corner: