Microsoft Word to PDF Conversion


The Microsoft Word to PDF conversion is done using the web service from Before configuring TODCM to use the web service, a LiveDocx account has to be created first. Please go to to create an account:




After creating and confirming (using the link sent by the account, you can enter the LiveDocx account username and password into TODCM.



After clicking the Save button, TODCM will verify your server internet connection and the LiveDocx account:




The feature is now active and available to all users with course/unit editing access.


The LiveDocx Web Service page contains the conversion statistics at the bottom of the page with the daily conversion usage and quota reset timer (shows only if conversion usage is not zero):




Required PHP Extensions


This feature requires the PHP SSL and SOAP extensions to work. If one or both of theses extensions are missing then the feature is disabled and error messages will be displayed:



To enable these 2 extensions in php.ini on Windows:





To enable these 2 extenions in php.ini on Linux or Mac OS X: