Grade Management

Add a new grade.

Delete a grade.

Can't delete the grade. This is because the grade is used in one or more of the following: course min. and max. grade, course display grade level, benchmark, category, course-grade assignment in the admin course management.

Edit a grade.

Grade Name

The grade name for display purpose.


The School where the grade belongs to.

Sort Order

This determines the order of the grade levels. This can be zero or a negative number. If you set grade 1 to the sort order of 1 then you would need to set a grade level such as kindergarten that comes before grade 1 to be zero or a negative number – the default kindergarten's grade sort order is set to zero from the TODCM installation. In terms of internal data structure design, this is the actual grade level, this is never displayed any where in the application except in the grade management page.