System Management – DB Upgrade

Please make sure you back up your TODCM source files (the config.php file is most important) and your TODCM database before performing a TODCM upgrade.

Database upgrade should be run every time you upgrade your TODCM application. The following is the instructions for upgrading TODCM including the TODCM source file update/upgrade:

1. Login to TODCM using an administrator account. Go into the Admin panel but do not click on the "DB Upgrade" icon yet.

2. Copy the new TODCM source files onto your web server and replace the old TODCM source files with the new ones. Note, this is done while you are logged in to the TODCM web site from step 1 above.

3. In your TODCM web folder, delete index.php and then copy index_ci.php to index.php. The reason is because the index.php from a TODCM source download package is just a redirect to the installation folder. The actual index.php that runs the TODCM web site is index_ci.php. The TODCM installation always copy index_ci.php to index.php at the end of a successful installation. But, the upgrade for the TODCM files is not automated like the installation therefore you have to perform this manual file copy task.

The following is an image of the files need to be modified:

5. Go back to the browser where you have logged in from step 1. Click on the "DB Upgrade" icon and then follow the instructions. It is possible a newer version of TODCM does not require any database upgrade.

6. The following screen will appear if a database upgrade is required, click on the "Upgrade Now" button:

7. A popup window appears and performs the database upgrade:

8. Click on the "Cleanup" icon so TODCM would cleanup any old files left by the previous version:

9. Refresh your browser to ensure the latest TODCM files are refreshed inside your browser. The new version of TODCM is now ready.

Note: TODCM uses a 2-hour browser cache timing therefore your users should not access the upgraded site the next 2 hours immediate after the upgrade is completed unless they refresh their browser while on the TODCM site. It is always a good idea to upgrade the site during non-business hours to avoid this browser cache conflict or you can put the site in maintenance mode for 2 hours. Sites hosted by has a special hosting environment to avoid this conflict.