Course Management

To add a new course.

Disable a course. Once a course is disabled, it will not be shown in the course menu tree and no user will be able to access it. It will also not appear in any mapping search results. You can always enable a disabled course at any time.

To edit the exiting course.

Add read-only teachers to a course. A read-only teacher can read editing units, add/edit their own unit reflections in an existing editing unit.

Add editors to a course. A course editor has full access to his/her assigned courses; edit the course description page, add/edit learning targets, create new units, publish a unit, delete a unit, hide a course, hide a unit. Once a course becomes hidden, it can only be accessed by its editors and read-only teachers.

Assign grade levels to a course. If the admin config option "Show all grades" is enabled then this feature will not have any affect and you should ignore it. If the "Show all grades" is disabled then only the grades assigned/checked here are displayed on the course description page.

Assigned Teachers

The names in black font color are editor teachers and the light gray font color ones are read-only teachers.

Course Name

The course name. This can be changed at any time.


The department the course belongs to. This will affect what strands, standards, benchmarks and essential questions will be available to the course.

Min. Grade Level

The minimum grade level. This affects what benchmarks will be available and the grade levels available on the course description page.

Max. Grade level

The maximum grade level. This affects what benchmarks will be available and the grade levels available on the course description page.


Enable or disable the course.

Menu Tree Sort Order

Optional. Affects where the course will be placed among other courses in the menu tree. The default course sort order is by alphabetical order.


Optional. This is the student information database ID. If there is a custom SIS integration module for your SIS then this will need to be filled out. Currently, there are no SIS integration module has been developed yet.

Update From SIS

Optional. To update the course from the SIS database or not. This is currently not supported yet.

Course Short Name, Course Number and Description

These are optional data. TODCM currently does not use these data fields yet. But, if you have them then it is suggested to enter them.

Click this to add the currently selected teachers to the course.

Disabled add button when there are no teachers selected from the left. Once one or more teachers are selected then this button would change to green color and becomes clickable.

Unassign/delete one teacher from the course.

Unassign/delete all teachers from the course.