System Management – Config


This is where an administrator user can change the behavior of a TODCM site. All major site options are listed on this configuration web page. Each configuration option on the config page in TODCM has a detailed description. This document briefly explains each section and does not go into the detail of each option.

System Maintenance

Controls the maintenance mode, failed login account lockout and system messages.

LDAP Authentication Configuration

Setup your LDAP server so your users can use their LDAP/Active-directory passwords.

Site Appearance

Controls some basic appearance attributes such as the application title, logo images etc.

Guest User Configuration

This allows the admin user to turn on/off the guest user login and grants access to the guest user to download uploaded files from the site or not.

General System Configuration

This is a big section since we put everything that doesn't belong to other sections. The options here usually are for the course level related configurations.

Unit Configuration

Unit level related configurations.